Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' from Millsy: Castasus Captain on Pegasus

My submission for the Flight Bonus Round is an addition to my Warhammer Fantasy Empire army. As you can see it's a hero mounted on a pegasus, oft times referred to as a "captasus" by the Warhammer community, an odd mash-up of "pegasus" and "captain". Like all the models in my army its a metal Citadel miniature from the early 90s, carefully stripped and reassembled after he was given to me by EvanH, having spent a number or years in his garage.

It would be fair to say I have a love / hate relationship with this model. I knew in advance it would be a trial to paint and it didn't disappoint. I had to paint in three parts as I knew it would be impossible to paint when assembled as it is quite top-heavy and a lot of the detail would be have been obscured or difficult to access.

The pegasus itself was a fun paint. I decided not to paint a grey / white one as you see a lot of these going around and I opted instead for a brown. That gave me the opportunity to use a warm palette for the feathers, starting with the body colour and fading out through a sandy brown to a buff at the win tips.

The seat / saddle is an extravagant piece and I couldn't resist going for a baroque look given the ornate nature and padded seat. It was quite difficult to paint as there's no easy way to hold or mount it so I ended up flipping in back an forth, painting it laying down on a clean plastic lid. The detail required a lot of very fine brushwork to bring out the relief and I'm quite happy with the end result even if it will be obscured by the rider.

When it came to the rider I used the same method for painting it on a plastic lid. He's painted in the colours of the city-state of Carroburg, home of the (in)famous Greatswords I've just finished painting. The banner is from the interwebs, repainted to tie the colours more closely to the rider. The original imagery from Games Workshop never portrayed him with a shield and I'm still tossing up whether to add one.

Assembling the model is where it really started to drive me nuts. The saddle would not sit straight and the super glue leaked out and ran down the sides of the mount, leaving a frosted white effect I had to repaint. It took three efforts to get the saddle safely in place and the rider is still not fixed because I wanted to photograph the seat (and I'd also had enough of super glue disasters for one day!)

In the end I'm happy enough with him and he'll be a constant thorn in the side of my opponent's, flapping about and roughing up opposing heroes, wizards and artillery like a good captasus should do.


'Flight' from AaronH: Air Cavalry

This bonus round entry is six flying carpet riders. These are 28mm models from Black Tree Design. I have many historical armies, but I've always loved Fantasy as well. This year I'm adding fantasy elements to several of my historical armies. Ironically in this case, this is the first unit done for my arabs.

Top view to see the carpets.
These were easy models to assemble and paint. There are vague designs in the carpets, and I gave up on trying to pull them out with actual paint. My eyesight was just not up to it. Instead I basecoated them, hit them with a wash then dry brushed over them. It gives more of the impression of a pattern than an actual pattern, but it's good enough for the table top.

All six.
There are more than two poses of the archers, so I have no idea why I only ordered these two, and four of one of them. I have more of these somewhere in the lead pile, which is mostly inaccessible at the moment as it's packed up while I finish the basement.

'Flight' from AdamC: Odin with Hugiin and Muninn

I had something in mind for this round but it hasn't really come out the way I liked it so I'm calling an audible and using another miniature that might fit the theme.

This is Odin form Footsore Miniatures a bonus mini they threw in with all orders over a certain amount in December (extended to January if you like him).

Odin himself can fly with the help of an 8 legged horse but that's obviously not here. His Ravens "Hugiin and Muninn" are and they are  my connection to the theme.  These Ravens (or all Ravens) were said to fly over the earth bring back tidings of what passes in the mortal realm to Odin.

I went with a reddish coat in part because I saw this article about Santa and Odin being the same guy so the color seemed seasonally appropriate but still with in the reach of period dyes (and I like the color) I gave him a purple hood since to indicate this is a someone special (if the eye patch and two pet ravens don't give it away).  I'll probably use this figure as a War Band leader for a Viking force though he would make a great Frostgrave wizard too.